Third Workshop on Landscape Analysis was held online on 13th October 2020. The workshop had four sessions. In addition to a total of 294 registered academicians, practitioners and professionals, other participants from governmental and non-governmental bodies attended the workshop, broadcasted on the Zoom and Microsoft Teams platforms. During this workshop, the results of a research project aiming to conceptualize wind turbine visibility using a potential turbine visibility model was introduced.

The aim of this Project is to produce a Potential Visibility Model (PVM) to quantitatively analyze wind turbine visibility in landscapes in terms of various candidate locations and (2) to develop a novel methodology that increases efficiency of site suitability assessment procedures by means of incorporating visibility information into multi-criteria decision making (MCDM).

The workshop provided a forum for discussion on digitalization landscape visibility with regard to landscape planning, design and management. Growth of wind power generation was discussed on a historical perspective. Another topic for discussion was “contemporary research on digitalization and map representation of urban landscapes”. In this respect, modelling interactions between landscape patterns and processes for the development of sustainable land use strategies and systematic conservation approach for the Mediterranean region were discussed in the light of the outcomes from the recent projects.

The support of Cukurova University, TUBITAK, IALE Turkey (and IALE), PAD, Landscape Monitoring and Assessment Laboratory and the Chamber of Landscape Architects, Turkey were acknowledged.

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